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Customer List
You can order by Purchase Order, Credit Card, or Check.  Your order will generally be shipped the same day that it is received. 
When ordering, please provide an e-mail address for faster delivery of your licenses.
Purchase Order:   E-mail your P.O. to  Terms are Net 30.
Credit Card: We accept all major credit cards.  Please call 616-405-3267 to place your credit card order.
Check: Company and personal checks can be mailed to Laconic Designs, 2475 72nd Avenue, Zeeland, MI  49464.
Buying New Licenses
Licenses for Interface Explorer for HL7 Professional are just $295 each.  Discounts are available for quantity purchases.  Note: If you want to purchase a license for the original Interface Explorer for HL7 then please use part number IE4HL7 (the purchase price is the same as for the Professional version).
License Quantities
Part Number
Purchase Price
1 to 5
$295 per user
6 to 10
$270 per user
11 to 15
$230 per user
16 to 20
$205 per user
21 to 25
$185 per user
26 +
$175 per user
Unlimited User License
License Type
Part Number
Cost to Upgrade Your Licenses to the New
Interface Explorer for HL7 Professional
Single User License
$145 each
20 User License
30 User License
Unlimited User License
Annual Maintenance and Support Pricing
Your first year of Maintenance and Support is free.  Support and Maintenance provides you with unlimited phone and e-mail support in addition to all upgrades that are released during your maintenance and support period.  After your first year, Annual Maintenance and Support is available for just $45 per single user license and between $374 and $824 for the bulk user licenses.  Unless you prefer otherwise, Annual Maintenance and Support will be invoiced to your Accounts Payable department six weeks before your support ends.
Upgrading Licenses of the original Interface Explorer to Interface Explorer for HL7 Professional
How to Order
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License Type
Part Number
Cost for Annual Maintenance and Support
Single User License
$45 per year per user
Original 20 User License
$525 per year
Original 30 User License
$675 per year
Unlimited User License
$825 per year

If you have licenses for the original Interface Explorer for HL7 then you can inexpensively replace those with licenses for the new Interface Explorer for HL7 Professional.  Pricing varies depending upon the type of license you currently have.  However, if you purchased your original licenses after October 4, 2013, then contact us for your free license for the Professional version.